What is Montessori Education?

Montessori Method of education was started by Madam Maria Montessori, Montessori a child-centered scientific observational educational method. 

In 1907, she started her first school the Casa dei Bambini, or Children's House, in  Rome.

It is helped millions of children all over the world.

The Montessori method has prepared environment as the child is thirsty for knowledge and can learn on his own if he gets a prepared environment.

Montessori develops children in all areas of development.

Important aspects of Montessori are

1. Mixed age classrooms for children ages 2½ or 3 to 6 years. 0–3, 3–6, 6–9, 9–12, 12–15, &15–18 age Montessori school exists.

2. Students can choose their activity from prescribed options.

3. Three hours of uninterrupted blocks of work.

4. A "discovery" model, in which students learn concepts from working with materials.

5. Specializ educational materials made from pure wood, not plastic.

6. Materia organized by subject area, in the reach of the children of appropriate size.

7. Free to move in the classroom.

8. A Montessori teacher observing each child's behaviour, talents and abilities.

Why to be a Montessori teacher?

Montessori teachers are satisfied and happy teachers. They start to understand the potential of each child. It helps the teacher understand children in a unique way. They csn aldo apply this on their own children

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